Do you need Lonely Furrow Company?


  • Are you a creative writer?
  • Do you need a writing tutor to help you improve?
  • Writing your memoirs?
  • Do you need a published writer to mentor you?
  • Want to keep a journal for growth and well-being?
  • Do you need a journalling practitioner’s support?
  • Need to manage your life better?
  • Do you need a well-being coach to help you?

Internationally-recognised writing & communication consultancy Lonely Furrow Company could hold all the answers!


As Lonely Furrow Company Director Elizabeth Gates promises:

“Does writing present you with some of your greatest pleasures and challenges? Working with me, as a writing expert, you’ll find yourself up-skilling with ease with friendly help along the way .

“But writing can present you with even more than these creative excitements. As a well-being coach, I use writing interventions to help you learn how best to handle life – whether this means coping with love, loss, success, failure or any of the other transitions life can offer.”