May 31st 2018

ALL SET – a brief outline of September’s on-line course on Keeping a journal!

This will now go ahead. Sign-up as soon as possible to avoid missing out on:

  • weekly instruction on journalling technique in the context of personal development, creative writing and memoir
  • inspirational quote
  • writing prompts to be carried out in your own time at your own pace
  • membership of a ‘secret’ Facebook group for people to post what and when they like and even to discuss on-line if that is what they want, so long as this is carried out with due courtesy
  • The course will run in blocks of 10 (£25 payable in advance) with a half-term (timed to coincide with school terms). At the end of each ‘block’, you are free to unsubscribe and/or return at a later date

Sign-up and a month before the course starts I will send you your FREE guidelines and an invoice. You will also be given joining instructions at this point.


May 9th 2018

Interested in writing for wellbeing, creative writing or memoir? We are thinking of running an on-line course on Keeping a Journal. Starting September 2018, weekly postings – instruction, inspiration, and writing prompts – all for less than the price of a cup of coffee. We’ll also set up a linked Facebook group for people to share what they want when they want. Interested? Email us.

And don’t forget you are entitled to a  FREE copy of “Almost Everything you ever needed to know about Keeping a Journal” when you sign up for this on-line course. These are light-hearted but useful guidelines, which underscore the whole practice.



May 1st 2018

We have sent out announcements to all our Lonely Furrow Company newsletter subscribers, advising them to opt-in or unsubscribe (which we hope they won’t!) We just wanted to let everyone know – in advance of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 – that we hold everyone’s privacy as safely as we possibly can. We will not pass on your personal information or sell it without your permission. And you can unsubscribe at any time! Thank you for being with us!