Do you want to improve your levels of well-being or would you like to be supported through a creative project from idea to publication? Whatever goal you’ve set, Lonely Furrow Company offers a unique blend of services to help you achieve it.


  • Lonely Furrow Company coaching & mentoring for individuals is the gold-standard among Lonely Furrow Company services and the mainstay of the business.
  • Lonely Furrow Company also runs on-line programmes and courses. These are particularly popular with clients preferring to work at their own pace and in their own time. You may choose a Journalling for Well-being and Personal Development programme (two levels available). You may choose a Memoir Writing programme to guide you towards completion of your own project. Or you may need support in developing Fiction techniques.To find out about the full range of on-line courses and to discuss your individual requirements, contact Elizabeth via this website.


And, in brief, whether you want the gold standard of face-to-face coaching and mentoring or the convenience of telephone and/or email support, or the fellowship of a group, Lonely Furrow Company can accommodate you.

As Director Elizabeth Gates says:

“I am here to provide you with a safe and private place for you to explore, plan and achieve.  Have a look round these services pages and  remember – I’m here and very happy to help.”




Why not – as a taster – try a Lonely Furrow Company Journalling on-line programme?

Explains Elizabeth, ‘You will be delighted with how much self-awareness you gain from this option! These programmes work on two levels for groups and for individuals, depending on personal circumstances. And you are free to choose the level that suits your particular needs!’


  • The First Level includes weekly mailings of guidance on technique and prompts to help you practice. What people write in response to these prompts can be used for personal development, as a basis for memoir or as a trigger for fictionalised autobiography. Your choice! For this group, there is also the opportunity to meet face to face when requested for a Journalling Together session. On joining, members receive a free copy of the LFC guidance pamphlet, Almost everything you ever wanted to know about keeping a journal!
  • The Second Level is much more personalised and geared towards raising individual self-awareness. This is NOT therapy but an opportunity to explore the self using an extensive variety of writing and journalling techniques. The series of prompts is customised to the specific needs of the programme participant and these needs are identified in an initial ‘Contracting’ session (face to face, telephone or Skype). Director Elizabeth Gates further undertakes to read and bear witness to what is written and there is of course email support 24/7 included in the package. On joining, you would also receive a free copy of the LFC guidance pamphlet, Almost everything you ever wanted to know about keeping a journal!


Both Journalling e-courses are flexible. As Elizabeth explains, ‘You can join anytime and take a break when it suits. Also, you can work at your own pace using the weekly prompts in any way you wish. And, while I encourage participants to take responsibility for managing their own safety, I emphasise the need for checks and controls and suggest ways of working which include these. For open in-put, I maintain a Facebook page. Otherwise, all communications with me are entirely confidential.’


OR perhaps you have already gathered together a massive amount of journalled materials, photographs, facts and figures . . . And do you ever wonder

  • Should I write my life story?
  • Who would be my reader?
  • What would my story really be about?
  • How best can I tell my story?

Lonely Furrow Company could help you find the answers!

Memory Tales is an on-line programme that will provide you with inspiration, assignments, and feedback, neatly delivered to your in-box in twenty units – to be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

You can pay for Memory Tales, either as a discounted one-off payment of £375, or in four convenient tranches of £100, or £20 per unit.

For further information and to enroll, contact Lonely Furrow Company today. Email Director Elizabeth Gates to arrange a telephone/face-to-face discussion of your memoir project