Communication Skills for individuals and organisations

Do you need Communication Coaching?

If you always get the response you hope for, you probably don’t. There’s every chance you are always an excellent personal and professional communicator.

But, if you are often mystified by the response of others, the chances are you are not communicating as well as you’d hope.

Lonely Furrow Company can help

  • For individuals or groups, Lonely Furrow Company Communication Coaching can develop your Communication Skills – reading, writing, speaking, listening, effective questioning, body language interpretation, empathy building and much more.
  • Lonely Furrow Company can also help you explore and resolve conflict and other issues through socio-dramatic action methods. This works particularly well in health and social care settings. But dysfunctional teams in any organisation can benefit.
  • Inspiring leadership relies on members of your team knowing, liking and trusting you, sharing your vision, giving you their best performance. Through Organisational Story Sessions, Lonely Furrow Company can help you engage your team and coax them down that route.

Would you like to improve your written communication?

Perhaps you’re in a management or professional position. You are qualified, competent and confident in your role. But you dislike having to write – reports, letters, e-mails, and more – because you are not confident in your writing abilities. You may feel this is holding you back. Your job demands you write and every piece of writing you produce is a reflection on you and your company. And – like many people – you don’t feel your writing is up to it.

Lonely Furrow Company can help

With Lonely Furrow Company, you can learn to write fluently, confidently and effectively.

How Lonely Furrow Company delivers!

  • 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring (face-to-face; telephone; on-line)
  • On-line courses to develop communication skills
  • Story Workshops – using story, creative writing and discussion – for those who want to learn how to build empathy, interpret body language, solve team problems and resolve conflict.

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