PR Skills Coaching

Do you have to deal with the media as part of your job or daily life?

Have you had a recent flush of good (or bad) luck, a sudden success or a brush with fame or infamy that has brought media attention? Are you confident that your organisation will be seen in the best possible light?

Imagine that the press pack is sitting in your front garden. What facts should you have at your finger tips? What should you be wearing when you open the front door? Is the press pack friend or foe?

Why not ask an expert how to handle it?

Lonely Furrow Company Director Lizzie Gates has over 20 years of experience working as a journalist. In a crisis, she can help you deal try to ensure that your point of view is accurately represented in print or broadcast media.

Do you lack the budget of a MNC but still feel your SME would benefit if you could acquire the PR Skills you need?

Lonely Furrow Company could help you acquire the necessary skills to write PR communications such as articles, press releases, newsletters, website copy and much more.

Do you want to be a freelance journalist?

Would you like coaching from a professional in the skills you need?

  • Preparing your project
  • Researching your topic
  • Organising your materials
  • Writing in the right style
  • Editing like a professional
  • Speaking to the editor and pitch the idea
  • Submitting on time to length and brief.

How Lonely Furrow Company delivers!

  • 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring
  • On-line Critiques & Assessments
  • On-line Courses in Media Skills – from written PR communications to freelance journalism to web writing.
  • Workshops in interactive media handling – such as interviewing skills or facing the press pack!

Where next?

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